Cloth Diapers: Flats and Handwashing 

The Flats & Handwashing Challenge is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about the accessibility of cloth diapering. 

This year’s challenge is hosted by the Cloth Diaper Podcast. To learn more visit https://www.clothdiaperpodcast.com/flats-challenge



Day 6 & 7

Day 6 #flatschallenge Prompt: open topic. I had enough clean diapers hand washed and the babe mostly used the tiny potty, so I didn’t...

Day 5

Forecast: high of 84, low of 57 degrees Today’s #flatschallenge2021 prompt: how do you wash cloth diapers? Before I had a baby I didn’t...

Day 4

Forecast: high of 86, low of 46 degrees. Sunny. Black flies are out. Day 4 #flatschallenge2021 prompt: what’s working for you? A few...

Day 3

Forecast: high of 77, low of 48 degrees, sunny and breezy. Clouds are looking wispy so I’m hoping that means we’ll get rain later this...

Day 2

Forecast: high of 73, low of 46 degrees partly sunny, breezy. Excellent weather for a clothes line. Today’s #flatschallenge2021 prompt:...

Day 1

Forecast: high of 70, low of 39 degrees. Ryan is working in the Adirondacks this week, so it will be me and the babe taking care of the...


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Thanks for submitting!